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Portal filtering: "AND" not working?

Question asked by nounours777 on Mar 16, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 16, 2018 by user19752

Hi there,


My problem is so simple, but I've been struggeling with it for hours. Either I really oversee something completely obvious, or I hit a Filemaker-Bug for mysterious reasons.


I want to filter a portal using two conditions. If I apply only one condition, it works. If I add the second condition, I get now lines matching, e.g. an empty portal, even if there should be results.


While testing, I came to the conclusion that the "AND" is the problem, since:


a) Bilder_Modelle::VerwendeAls="Poster"     is working (e.g. shows the expected portal lines)


b) Bilder_Modelle::VerwendeAls="Poster"  AND  7=7    is not working (e.g. does not showing any lines.


From a) I conclude that my expression is true. I also assume that 7=7 is true. So "true AND true" should be "true" as well, thus showing the same lines for b) as it did for a).


Can anybody please help me? If not, I will go banging my head against the wall :-)