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How to show the same field on 2 layouts with different fonts

Question asked by paulwatts on Mar 16, 2018
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Ok, so here it is:-

I have some text fields that are used on 2 layouts. When data is entered on layout 1, I want to font to automatically default to Arial 12. When the data shows on layout 2, I want the font to be Arial 10. I have set the fields accordingly on the layout using the tool bar. However, if the user enters data into layout 1 by copying and pasting using an alternative font/size, this overrides the field settings and the font/size does not default to Arial 12.


I have tried the following:-

1. Apply an auto-enter calculation "TextSize(TextFont(TextStyleRemove(Self;AllStyles);"Arial");12)". This works on layout 1 but the font size on the 2nd layout turns out to be 12 and not 10. As such, I conclude that this too overrides the field setting.


2. Use Conditional formatting to set the font separately on each layout (with the auto-enter calc removed). I have used a simple condition that the field is not empty, i.e. Value is != "". It appears that this will change the font colour but not the type nor size.


How do I get the font size on layout 1 to default to Arial 12 and then show as Arial 10 on layout 2?


Thanks for your attention.