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Error message-- the file xxx.fmp12 could not be opened

Question asked by catscarr on Mar 16, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 17, 2018 by gdurniak

Hi all, hoping someone could help me with the problem I keep getting intermittently. Bear with me, as I'm not FM or tech savvy. We use FileMaker Pro 13.


I have a Mac computer that hosts the FileMaker server 15 (I believe). There are different accounts on this computer and it is primarily used by my supervisor. One of the user accounts on the computer has a webloc file on the desktop that goes to the admin console, this user account is called the Server Administrator. Today, when trying to access the database files on my PC (we share the same WiFi network), I could see the host, but no files. It was just working fine a week ago, but this has happened a few times before. A couple of times, I have accessed the admin console and all the "missing" files were listed as normal. They could also be accessed on the FileMaker app, but only when I was on that Mac computer and user account. Oh, and it's back and running again now!


The IT people at my work were able to see that ports 80, 443, and 5003 were indeed open on the Mac machine. Firewall is off on the Mac as well.


Could it be that the "Server Administrator" user account always has to be logged on? I think maybe my supervisor logs out of it, switch users, or after some inactivity the computer just sleeps and that's what makes the files not show up?


Help pleasee