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Diagnosing Web Direct Hangs ?

Question asked by RolfNoyer on Mar 16, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 17, 2018 by RolfNoyer

I am using Web Direct for my solution and I have noticed that during testing I get frequent hangs in all web browsers  ... the infinitely spinning wheel of doom. I am not an expert about web connection issues, so I need some help with this.


From what I can determine the problem is most often triggered by clicks that are too fast, although I am not entirely sure. My hunch is that maybe if you click on a button or tab control or try to change the selected field before the page has fully loaded (?), a hang is likely. Again, just a hunch. Maybe there is an issue with the rate of refreshing the page?


I have read in other posts about testing where the thing hangs after 250 clicks or more. Here we are talking about 10 clicks on occasion, or maybe 3-4 fast clicks in a row.


It does not seem to be related to which layout you are on.


I am using a (major) commercial hosting servce. I don’t manage the server myself and don’t know much about what that involves.


Should I be contacting the commercial hosting service about this issue? Could it be a connectivity issue? Do I need to change my hosting “plan” somehow? Or are there any other steps that I should take?


My version of Filemaker is: FileMaker Pro 16 Advanced, Version For the Middle East and India.


I can’t very well have a public deployment that hangs constantly, but this is really the last hurdle I have to jump over before release.


Thanks for any help you can give me!


Update: Just queried the host application version and noticed it is FM 14.0.4. Now I wonder if that is the problem — probably need to update to more expensive plan?