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Portal Connection Broken??

Question asked by PatPhelan on Mar 18, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 19, 2018 by beverly

My database is a collection of structures visited, various info and dates of these visits. I am not very proficient with FM, but was able to follow an example and it was working just fine. Until it wasn’t.


I have a database set up with only two tables. Table 1 contains all info to the structure; table 2 contains dates visited. They are related through “structureID.” I have the portal in the main table where I have been entering the dates visited. This portal shows the date and the “structureID.” I had the “Date Visited” set to accept up to 6 dates.


I have put in over 300 entries and many of the structure had multiple dates visited. Now when I try to enter anything over one date, the field will not show the insertion cursor - the whole line is just blue. Plus, when I look at previous entries, where there were multiple dates, only the first date shows BUT the “structureID” is showing where there were subsequent entries. And FM will allow me to put the cursor in the “structureID” field.


I do have an earlier version of this file that is working, and have tried comparing it to the “broken” one but cannot detect the difference.


I have tried to be as clear as I can and hope that someone out there can offer a solution. If I changed any settings on any of these fields, I am unaware of it. I would really like to know what happened so that I can avoid a possible repeat in the future.


Many, many thanks for any input.