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Hover over a button icon – Best practice?

Question asked by carlsson on Mar 19, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 19, 2018 by jerrysalem

I think that one of the hardest things to develop is the GUI. We all think different about what's logic and not; should there be colors, tooltips, graphic objects, hand over buttons, hover effects, etc etc? I love a clean and simple interface, but also with much content as long as it's not to messy.


What's bugging me now is buttons in portals. How do you solve this, and what do you think is best practice?


Look at the attachment. This is a portal showing different states of a project (the mouse pointer is invisible on the screen dump but is located on the red X). The user is meant to click on the checkmark to set the current date, time and user initials.


What's the best GUI for this?


- Should the tick icon always be green? Or, as now, only when it actually has been checked? Or never?

- Should the X icon alwasy be red?

- Should there be a hover/mouse over, and hardest of all – how should the effect be? (The red background with the white Icon is the current Hover effect, but it looks... strange.) It's hard to do hover effect only on an icon, a bold function would be great, but there is no such thing AFAIK.


I would love to hear your input on this, and if you have any examples (your own or from the web), please include a picture or URL.




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