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How Do I Copy The Results of a Summary Field to a Different Table

Question asked by jquin on Mar 20, 2018
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My apologies - this is probably a very basic question but I'm very rusty on FM.


I have two tables - one for Receipts and one for Expenses.  I have a summary field on each table so I can see total receipts and total expenses for all transactions.


I'm trying to create a separate table where I pick up Total Receipts from the Receipts table and Total Expenses from the Expenses table and then calculate the difference between the two amounts.


I've been trying to establish relationships between the third table and the other two tables.  However, because I'm only interested in the totals for all transactions, there's no common elements on which to base the relationships.


That's the crux of the matter although I'm actually trying to do it across different currencies so it's slightly more complicated.