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Help with Filemaker 10 , bar code automation

Question asked by rc058y on Mar 20, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 20, 2018 by philmodjunk

Hi All,


I've inherited a filemaker 10 database which works for all of our needs and I've slowly been developing the system to enable further functionality to save time etc. I have no formal training in Filemaker, just been picking up tips online and writing scripts when I can.


I've been trying to write a script to assist with the following


  • for instance 100 boxes with their own unique reference number are to be loaded on to our van
  • a delivery note is printed and checked off manually when loading


My thought was to convert the unique reference number to a barcode and create a script so that when the barcode has been scanned the status automatically changes to 'On Van' then loop the script so the system is ready  for the next barcode to be scanned and then so on.

We have been using a generic barcode scanner in tandem with IDAutomationHC39M for other purposes and all has been fine.

I've been trying to work out with various levels of success, I believe I'll have to set the barcode scanner up using the manual to insert an additional character at the end once barcode scanned for further functionality?


So far I have set a script within a script, see photo





As I say not overly clued up with Filemaker so any assistance would be greatful