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Decode Flags in DDR

Question asked by Malcolm on Mar 19, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 19, 2018 by Malcolm

I've got a DDR that says <PortalObj portalFlags="152" numOfRows="12" initialRow="1">. Over in documentation it says

Possible flag values and their meanings are:

  • Show scroll bar on portal = 0x0001
  • Allow deletion of rows = 0x0004
  • Rows should be sorted (according to associated sort spec) = 0x0008
  • Retain scroll bar position after active exit = 0x0010
  • Increase row height when autosizing vertically rather than increasing number of rows= 0x0020
  • Right-to-left layout of portal elements = 0x0040
  • Rows should be filtered (according to associated filter calculation expr)= 0x0080


How do we construct / destruct the flags?