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Webhook and soft phone

Question asked by mcedin on Mar 20, 2018
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How do we create a service in FileMaker to listen to a webhook in order to solve our telephony events.

We would need help to create  a path to receive incomming events in json format and extract values from the json to show information on the calling party from our solution

Anyone done anything simular?


Start FileMaker script localy on a macOS with parameters.

We have a Mitel/Telepo softphone on macOS and Windows. We would need to start the filemaker script with a parameter from the softphone (callingnumber, and that can be passed on from the softphone as long as there's a way to pass the parameter when we start the script localy) in order to show infomration on the calling party in our solution.

We can start the script, but we have trouble passing the parameter with the number as a variable when we start the script. Any sugestions?