Clarification and Uses of .fmpur

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I have been using .fmpur for exporting and importing records between Runtime Solutions and Go. Usually between a computer and several iPads. Just to be clear I am dealing with serval industries but the primary one being served is the transportation industry. Which is the context of my questions.


Here is a brief explanation of how things work and what is the problem.


Each day the driver's record is sent at the end of the day is exported and sent via email. When they are the data records for that day are deleted so each report only deals with one day.


However, I have built into the background a PDF report on each tablet for that days travels that are stored in container fields. They serve as a backup to be used for verification of the business practices on that tablet.


When received at the office the exported Drivers Run Records are then imported into the Runtime were they are sorted and stored and used to compile the business reports to the customers, billings, payroll and such.


What is concerning me is the export files are growing exponentially between exports and have grown to the size that I think the iPads are timing out before the email is completed. The emails started around 7megs and are now around 18megs. Bear in mind, I am serving in very remote areas where technology is not up to speed as in a metro or even small-town status, to be blunt, cell towers are as scarce cows are in the city. The USA of course!


All works well, but I am noticing a few issues that I need some advice with.


So, here are my questions.


  1. At the time I built the Solution and I was not aware of this but it appears to me that the .fmpur export that is being sent is including records for every table or layout, not just the one I am specifying. Am right about this? If I am right this would explain why the files are growing exponentially due to the PDF’s.
  2. Again, if I am right about this then I should be able to script imports for several tables using the same export file, Right?
  3. Or is there a way to limit the added tables or layouts that are exported?
  4. Excluding the purchase of FM Server or modifying a full version of FM Pro, does anyone have any suggestions how this could be done more efficiently?


Thanks again for any suggestions and the use of your time. I don’t know where we beginners would be without you folks!


Many Thanks