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Will FMS 11->16 upgrade affect Magento's ability to connect to FMS?

Question asked by bpanhuyzen on Mar 20, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 26, 2018 by bpanhuyzen

I'm helping a new-to-me client upgrade their server from FMS11 to FMS16. It should be straightforward, but the wrinkle is that Magento connects to the solution through a bunch of Ruby scripts initiated from the Magento side.


Currently, FMS is behind a firewall, and has a dynamic IP with a DN through Magento connects using that URL on port 80. That's pretty much all I know about the Magento side – I'm not versed in Magento or Ruby or XML-RPC, etc., and client would like to leave things as-is, as it all works perfectly. (So please no messages about how we should switch everything to using Magento's REST API and all that; we need to make what's already there work.)


My questions are:

  1. Will Magento be able to connect to FMS16 on port 80 or will FMS's newer security protocols with regard to SSL make a fuss that prevents the connection?
  2. If it won't connect, will switching the port (and corresponding firewall forwarding) to 443 fix it?
  3. Or are we going to have to get a static IP, FQDN, SSL certificate – the works?


Client is of course hoping for a quick and easy upgrade; this is the wrench they weren't anticipating, so I'm hoping for the most efficient solution. And this is an in-place upgrade, so once the server is wiped and reinstalled, there's no going back – the Magento stuff needs to function. Which is why I'm asking before acting...


Thanks in advance!