Creating Selection across a number of records

Discussion created by lesley on Mar 21, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 26, 2018 by philmodjunk

Hi All


I have created an allocation table to show the number of codes out of 521 that are allocated to users and unallocated - available to use. I need to find a means to quickly Select a number of the records to allocate them using my Batch Allocation process. See screen shot below


For example I want to enable the user to mark record 1-9 for allocation.

If possible it may be that he also wants to select the next Unallocated record 24 and other Unallocated codes through the file.

Currently the only way that I can see to do this is to tick in each of the boxes in turn - which works fine but when needing to allocate in large quantities this is going to prove inefficient.


Anyone resolved this issue before?