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Help with text calculation. Remove character and everything in between.

Question asked by matttandy on Mar 21, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 23, 2018 by fmpdude

All - hoping for some help with a calculation. I've searched on the community and perhaps not searching for the right wording, but cannot seem to find a relevant answer. I am needing to do the calcuation below:


Starting with (FIELD 1)Text:

Каска защитная Style 300;#27;#Каска защитная Style 600;#28;#Наушники Zone с креплением на каску;#45;#Лицевые щитки серии Interchange ;#42;#Комплект щиток с наушниками (VMC);#37


I am needing to remove the text between the "#" and replace with a return:

Would like to finish with (FIELD 1 CALC) Result:


Каска защитная Style 300;

Каска защитная Style 600;

Наушники Zone с креплением на каску;

Лицевые щитки серии Interchange ;

Комплект щиток с наушниками (VMC);


Any help would be appreciated!