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Autofill Portal field

Question asked by sabremm on Mar 21, 2018
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I am trying to create an inventory page updated every week per customer, along with its summary page.

Currently I have the following:

Customer, Item, Last Inventory Level,  Amt Used, Amt Replenished, This week Inventory.


Customer A,

Apple, 10, -5, +15, 20

Orange, 5, -1, +6, 5

Banana, 20, -10, +10, 20


and another page with Customer B

Pineapple, 5, -5, 10, 10

Mango, 100, -100, 0, 0


There is only maximum of 5 products per company (as of now), and every time I enter a new invoice every week with customer A, I would like to see Items Apple, Banana and Orange pre-filled with last week's inventory level.


Should Portal be used for this purpose (table seem not to exceed 5 items per customer), and if so, how do you auto-populate the portal based on the customer ID?