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Global Fields technical question

Question asked by Wicktor on Mar 21, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 22, 2018 by Wicktor

It seems that it is not clear if/when Globals fields are loaded into memory.


In some  discussions some stated that Globals fields are loaded into memory "as necessary" only when needed.

For example: When Globals are Loaded into Memory ?


In other discussions some are a bit concerned about having too many Globals fields since too many may affect performance.

For example: many global fields vs. many global variables


Therefore, I am asking a specific question since the answer would impact on database design.



When a solution is started, are Global fields in various Tables loaded into memory:


a) all at once because the file is opened

In this case, all Globals are loaded into memory even if not necessary for layouts/calculations, which, as stated in those discussion may affect performance

Maybe, for solving this, Globals should be divided into different Tables accordingly with database structure.


b) only "as needed"

In this case only Globals involved in specific layouts and related calculation are loaded into memory.

This would make things easier and all Globals may stay in a single Table.


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