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FMI/Webd solutions visible but won't open

Question asked by themattdaddy on Mar 22, 2018
Latest reply on May 3, 2018 by Lisa Rose

Software: FileMaker Pro 16 desktops & laptops (currently one user/dev), Filemaker Server 16, both are running 64-bit setup

Server: Internally hosted, not cloud hosted

Desktop/Laptop Systems: Windows 10 with fall creator's update installed


Has anyone else experienced issues with webdirect; in that solutions created in FileMaker Pro 16, configured for web direct, sharing & security permissions dealt with before webd config, then uploaded to Filemaker Server at which point the solutions uploaded are visible in the webd launch interface just unable to open them?


We can open the solutions in Filemaker Go on iOS, and in FileMaker Pro on Laptops/Desktops just not via the webd portal.


Any help would be great and much appreciated. I admit I'm a newbie to the server aspects of Filemaker, but have been using FileMaker Pro12 & 13 before the company jumped on board and went with 16.


Thanks to Beverly for giving the suggestion to ask somewhere many could see & respond.