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on script step "insert file" no dialog box opens

Question asked by vestigia on Mar 22, 2018
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FM 15.0.4

FM 16.0.5

MacOSX 10.12.6

MacOSX 10.13.3




I am felling somewhat silly. I am trying to use the script step "insert file" without specifying a file path in order the script step will open a dialog in order the user can choose the file to insert. Unfortunately I not able to make the script step to open a file dialog as it is referenced by the appropriate FileMaker help-page:


where it is written under Description section:

"if you do not specify a file to insert, FileMaker Pro displays a dialog box where the user can select a file."


So my script step looks like Example 2 in the help page:


Opens a dialog box with custom file format filters for the user to select a file, attempts to compress the selected file, then inserts the file into the active container field.


Insert File [Filters; Insert; Compress when possible;Products::File]


I tried to use this script step as single step on button or as script to be called on a button. I tried to us the script step "insert file" on an existing FileMaker-Solution-file but also on a new on. I tried to use the different FM-files also on different FM versions and on different MacOSX versions always with same result. The script step never opens a dialog box.


Any hints are appreciated, with best regards.