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Xero Accounts Integration - API / Oauth

Question asked by shortsdevs on Mar 22, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 25, 2018 by fmpdude

Hi all,


We are very new to file maker and have a question which I hope someone can help with.


We have a custom application written in FM (we have just acquired this custom app) which among other features basically logs orders. We need a way to integrate this with Xero Accounts.


The idea is they click a button on screen and it posts the current order record to Xero accounts via the API.


The issue is the authentication, how would i go about authenticating FM to the Xero API - We are using a private Xero application so it authenticates with 2 legged OAuth.


A quote from the Xero website (Private Applications - Auth and Limits | Xero Developer ):

Private applications use 2 legged OAuth and bypass the user authorization workflow in the standard OAuth process. Private applications are linked to a single Xero organisation which is chosen when you register your application. Access tokens for private applications don’t expire unless the application is deleted or disconnected from within the Xero organisation.


Here is further Xero API documentation:

Getting Started Guide - Getting Started | Xero Developer


Could anyone give me some code examples or a way that i could integrate this? We are not looking for a plugin but simply some code that could be linked to a simple button click - We are technically minded but like I mentioned FM is new to me as I'm more used to basic PHP.


I would appreciate any help that can be given as we are really struggling now! Thank you.