number format on import

Discussion created by wk1966 on Mar 22, 2018
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I'm new to FM.  The data that I'm working with is being imported from an Excel spreadsheet that is created through a data export from an online listing service.  Number columns appear in Excel appropriately as a number aligned to the right side of the column.  If I import to a new table in FM, the field is identified as a number.  However, the data comes in aligned to the left side of the column in the table created in FM.  I haven't found a place where I can define how I want that number to be seen in layouts.  In this case, I'd like it to always be presented as currency with a comma separator and 2 decimal places.  It appears that I need to set these properties for each occurance in layouts created.


Isn't there a way to set these properties to the data field so that they become inherited in subsequent presentations?