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Passing multiple script parameters, one being a container field

Question asked by scoonz on Mar 23, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 23, 2018 by wimdecorte

I'm trying to pass two parameters as separate variables $$ or $ which then go to layout and set two fields: 1 Picture Field, 2. Picture Name Field. The Picture/icon is very small so not concerned about size.


If I only pass the container field name in the script parameter it works and enters the pictures as expected with the Set Field script step. If I pass the picture name in the script parameter as well it will only pass the 'File Name' of the picture and NOT the picture or the 'Field Name'


My script /  parameters are as such:


It will only enter the picture in the container in this situation: 


Set Field ($$Picture ; Get (Script Parameter)

Set Field (SomeTable::SomeField ; $$Picture)


Script Parameter : Pictures::Device


Does not work with these arrangements:



Set Field ($$Picture ; GetValue ( Get(ScriptParameter) ; 1 )

Set Field (SomeTable::SomeField ; $$Picture


Set Field ($$PictureName ; GetValue ( Get(ScriptParameter) ; 2 )

Set Field (SomeTable::SomeField ; $$PictureName


Script Parameter : List ( Pictures::Device ; Pictures::Title ; 1 )) RESULT: File name of picture


Script Parameter : List ( "Pictures::Device" ; Pictures::Title ; 1 )) RESULT: Pictures::Device


Any ideas?