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Sort order lost during import script step

Question asked by sstpierre on Mar 22, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 25, 2018 by user19752


I have a recurrent problem that I can't figure-out

Since I updated to FMP 16 and since my Customer Bought a FMP 16 licence

We get a lot of problems during import


I worked 3 years on FMP 14 - 15 solution, providing my customer runtime

both for Mac and Windows


I do Developp on Mac


Everything went cool with my import script step:

   - activating the layout

   - importing data

  - showing all rec

  - sorting ASC

  - showing the last rec

  - setting next serial value : ID to ID + 1


But now with FMP 16, no runtime

Dev on Mac

Taking my solution .fmp12 to Windows 10

     and the import/sorting resulting in a mess with ID, could create other record mess, and bravo, life sucks so much... !!


On Mac it seems to work, cause a test it with fake import, but it skrew on Windows.

Could it be that both platform manege differently the Sorting (ASC/DESC) ?


tx a lot


would want to use a switch (if / else)

on platform no

to set sort order to ASC or DESC or showing First or Last rec to pick the highest one for the next serial value.