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How to round time to nearest hour

Question asked by on Mar 23, 2018
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Hello Everyone,


How to round time to nearest hour.


I am creating timesheet for user where user would enter "START" and "FINSIH" time.

I have a field for START and I have a field for FINISH.

I also have third calculation filed which works out different and round the answer to next hour.


For Exmaple

Start          Finish         Should Become

08:11         09:00          1 Hour

(I don't want to see calculation showing me 00:49:00. I want this to be rounded to next hour).


10:15          2:00        4 Hours

(Here I don't want to see calculating showing me 03:45:00. I want this to be round to next full hour so 4).


So what should be my formula which works out the time difference than round to next Hour. Even if it's up by second, it should round to next hour.


Hope you all understand the question.