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Retain theme styles when copying and pasting objects between layouts

Question asked by chuckburr on Mar 23, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 2, 2018 by Malcolm

How to retain theme styles when copying and pasting objects between layouts?


I am finding even un-grouped objects pasted onto another layout do not retain their style link. In a very un-intuitive fashion you have to save changes to a theme once you paste styled-objects to another layout. Once you paste the styled object to the new layout it looses its connection to the style and has to be re-attached to the style.


Also, you cannot see a linked style when an object is a single object button. This would be very useful instead of having to break the button link to inspect it then re-link the script.


PS: Am I the only one who needed a Paste in Place command about 20 years ago?

PPS: Layers with animation, when are we going to be able to develop modern UI applications?