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Discussion created by shebang on Mar 23, 2018
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First, I appreciate any help on this (I'm not a FMP professional, but I use it a lot).

What I'm trying to do is this (see attachment):


  1. I've got 2 tables (Classes & Rooms)
  2. In Classes, I've got a field (ClassDaySort) that determines whether a class is an All-Day (2.1), a Morning (2.2), or an Afternoon (2.3).  Each class is assigned a Room # (1 or 2).
  3. In Rooms (the attachment is layout from Rooms perspective), I've got a filtered portal for each Day (THU-FRI-SAT-SUN), and for each Session on that Day (AD-M-A-E) that is filtered by the Classes::ClassDaySort field.
  4. If you look at the attachment, I'm trying to hide the portal when there's not a class for that period (on Friday).
    1. Basically, I'm going to move the AD (All-Day) portal up, to be on top of the Morning and Afternoon portals, and I want the portals to appear only when there is a record present in that portal. So that when there's an All Day class, the Morning & Afternoon portals disappear, and then vice-versa.
  5. I have placed a {{FoundCount}} inside each of the portals, but I'm not sure exactly what to put in the "Hide Object When" box to completely hide the portal.


Can anyone point me to the solution?  And again, I would need good detail, as I'm not a FMP pro at all.