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Frequent Disconnects with FMP/A 16.0.5

Question asked by bigtom on Mar 26, 2018
Latest reply on May 29, 2018 by user27704

Product and version: FileMaker Pro and Advanced 16.0.5

OS and version: macOS 10.12.6

Hardware: Various Mac machines


FMPA disconnects from file while actively using. Did not have this issue with FMP/A 16.0.4

Issue occurs on multiple machines upgraded to FMP/A 16.0.5.

Issue happens with files hosted on multiple servers.

Issue happens with LAN connections to FMS as well as WAN.

Issue happens with SSL or without.

Issue happens with files hosted on FMS for Mac or Windows.

Issue does not happen with clients that were not updated to FMP 16.0.5

Clicking the Reconnect button closes the file immediately. Seems like no attempt to reconnect.


How to replicate:

Log into a file hosted on FMS using FMP/FMPA 16.0.5 on a Mac and use until it disconnects.


Workaround: None