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Externally Stored Files WebDirect Behaviour

Question asked by Andy Hibbs on Mar 26, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 27, 2018 by Andy Hibbs

We've been carrying out various recovery tests of encrypted files using secured external storage. Historically we've steered away from secure storage for disaster recovery purposes and the control that open storage gives us in rebuilding systems.


All in all we've been happy with the ability to remove the encryption from files, the ability to remove secure storage from container fields and transfer the data to open again if necessary, although with some of our clients' systems having 50Gb of external files we'd worry that FileMaker would have problems handling this without a problem.


During our tests we were concerned how both open and secure PDF files are displayed within the WebDirect container field. Although we can script the export of a file within both FileMaker Pro and WebDirect and ensure the original field name is used (assuming it was stored during the file upload), there is the temptation through familiarity that users will use the standard PDF download button provided within the browser. For instance a file named 'Lawful Basis.pdf' downloaded with a name of '9279850776B6DCF677EC3340620224154BF3809D9E9B1A83936C6F6B8965799B'.


This is not the behaviour with FileMaker Pro, the file name using GetContainerAttribute is the correct one. We've not really focussed on this before, so would appreciate whether we're missing something or whether others have problems with this?


Many thanks