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Client can not access server file

Question asked by thegamechanger on Mar 26, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 26, 2018 by thegamechanger

Hey Guys,


Helping out a friend here.

She is attempting to connect to a server file (not mine) remotely as she has done thousands of times.

Starting yesterday the file says she is no longer authorized to access the file.  It then asks her if she wishes to authorize, which she can not since she is not the admin.


She has no issues connecting to one of my hosted files on a different server. (Different credentials obviously). 

She uninstalled and reinstalled FMP 16 to no avail.

Her admin changed her credentials to see if that would change anything (which it didn't).

I have no issues connecting to the file using her credentials on my machine. (I am in a different state fyi)


Any suggestions would be most appreciated.  The admin for the server she is attempting to connect to is not being much help trying to solve her problem... "Well it works on my computer."


Thanks as always!!!!