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Hello everyone,


I'm asking for your help because I need to create new records from a related table. I want to enrol a group of students to a class, semester and profesor (Enrolment A). But at the same time I need to track the student grade history (Enrolment B). I want this enrolment by group instead of by student. For example, if I have these records in "Enrolment A":

sep-dec 2018Computer Science1TIC1-1Programming
sep-dec 2018Computer Science2TIC1-1Database I


I want that in the student side (Enrolment B), all the students in that group have their Classes registered:


1TIC1-1Programming1sep-dec 2018Computer Science
1TIC1-1Database I2sep-dec 2018Computer Science
... (all students in the group)


Here is my database idea:

Captura de pantalla 2018-03-26 a la(s) 15.26.38.png


Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance!