Server not Importing .xls File Consistently

Discussion created by BenKingsbury on Mar 27, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 27, 2018 by Mike Duncan

When trying to simply import a .xls file from a FileMaker Server Scheduled Script, it does not import.  Looking at the error log shows that it is going through just fine, but my table does not have the new record(s).  Other times this works just find and imports properly.


I checked my script and it is all compatible with Server scripting.  My .xls file is in the proper folder on the FileMaker Server.  My .xls file has data in it.  If I run it from the client side, it imports no problem. 


Here is a copy of my script - just 2 steps.


Set Variable [$File; Value: Get ( DocumentsPath ) & "PriceException.xls"]

Import Records [With dialog:Off; Source: "$File"; Worksheet: ""; Add; Windows ANSI]


Any thing obvious I am missing?  I do this same process in many other scripts and they work fine, not sure why this one isn't?