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External Storage, Is this really the way it is suppose to work ??

Question asked by rouelf on Mar 27, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 13, 2018 by bigtom

Have never used External Storage for containers in my solutions. Have always scripted, one script for Embedding and one for Referencing files to containers.

Since Referencing to containers is on the list possibly to be deprecated in the future, have been trying to like the use of External Storage (Open).

However, External Storage seems problematic in at least two ways:


1) In order to be able to save Self-Contained Copy (single file), the solution must use a [Full Access] Privilege Set. That is, if an FM solution is set for External Storage (Open), and is using a Non [Full Access] Privilege Set, then Self-Contained Copy (single file) can not be created. I Never provide solutions with Full Access Privileges, and have always been local solutions, meaning not hosted. So when providing Runtime solutions, it needs be able to produce Embedded containers for FM Go.


2) With External Storage (Open) in my solutions (not hosted), via scripts, can “export” and save all data from all tables to a text file, and can using this saved “export” text file to import all data back to the FM database. The import script first Deletes All Records from the tables, if the tables have containers, then the Delete All Records script step seems to also delete the files from the External Storage location. This is a most undesirable happening.

Note: Don't know if this is important info: the files to be imported to the containers are imported from the External Storage location.


So For 2) above, Am I missing something, Is this really the way it is suppose to work ??