FM Inventory Starter (FMIS)

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(SYLVANIA, OH, USA, March 2018) - New Leaf Data, LLC is excited to announce the immediate availability of FM Inventory Starter (FMIS).  Built on the FileMaker platform, FMIS is an ideal starter application for organizations and teams with inventory management needs, including:


• Manufacturers

• Distributors

• Warehouses

• Procurement Teams

• Sales Teams




FMIS includes the tables and fields needed for an inventory management solution.  FMIS also has over 40 desktop layouts, including 3 templates.


FMIS is extremely flexible.  FMIS is not an off-the-shelf solution.  Minimal scripting ensures that your organization can define your own business logic to meet your needs.  FMIS also has a minimal relationship graph, enabling you to build your system on the graph model of your choice.


FMIS includes an overview course to help you quickly learn how to use this flexible tool.


FMIS is freeCourse and download information can be found here.


Additional courses include:


• Order Types (e.g. Sales Order, Purchase Order Work Order, etc. using the universal data model).

• Storing Quantity Values

• Transactions

• Navigation (available in April 2018)


Courses include written descriptions, video tutorials, and downloadable demo files.  The courses are optional and start at $99.


FMIS requires version 16 of FileMaker Pro or FileMaker Pro Advanced


New Leaf Data, LLC is a FileMaker Business Alliance company in northwest Ohio.  New Leaf Data, LLC created the website FileMaker Inventory Resources.