Popover cutoff on PCs over webviewer

Discussion created by mjohnson24 on Mar 28, 2018
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~Filemaker 16 advanced

~Windows 10

~Chrome Latest version

~AMD FX-8350 eight core (64bit)



On my Mac it is fine but on my PC if i have a popover and click on it and make it appear and it appears below my button and overtop of a webviewer then the popover gets cuttoff.


~How to replicate

put a button with a popover on it just above a webviewer so that when you click on it and make the popover appear to the bottom of the button and overtop of the webviewer.


~Workaround (if any)

The work around is to make the popover appear above the button instead of below the button which in-turn will NOT appear overtop of a webviewer.