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Tableau Web Data Connector Error on Extract

Question asked by mtolman on Mar 28, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 12, 2019 by Johan Hedman

I was able to get tableau desktop and FileMaker connected and working well together.   Now I want to connect it to Tableau Online.   Has anyone been able to get this to work?


Have the latest version of everything on a Windows VM.  Tableau 10.5.  


Tableau Desktop connections and refreshes work to FileMaker's web data connector running on a FM Server 16 box.


What I am trying to do is publish those data sources to Tableau online (which I am able to do), and schedule incremental refreshes (which I am getting an error message on).  Tableau Bridge is where the magic is supposed to happen, but any refreshes there result in "Unexpected Error".   I contacted Tableau support and they had me setup a command line prompt that would connect to the web data connector in the same way the bridge does.   From that I get an error message returned from fm_connecter.js indicating a JSON parse error on line 208. 


The line of code there is:


    var passwordObj = JSON.parse(tableau.password);


Basically tableau.password should be a JSON object and instead is just a text string that is the password at that point in the code.