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Logic to display a highlight field

Question asked by dezkev on Mar 28, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 28, 2018 by jfletch

Hello,   FMA16.0.5/MacOS 10.13.3

I am using a checkbox set on a layout in my DB. Since I wanted to highlight the item checked I put a transparent field behind the checkbox item (pic3) , so that when that item is checked, the field will be filled with a green color using conditional formatting. See pic1 .


When I select women alone I get it right.(pic1)

When I select Mens , I get both highlighted (pic 2)


Conditional formatting logic is :

Position ("Womens"; CustomersDB::BuyerCategory; 1; 1) > 0 for the womens highlight field
Position ("Mens"; CustomersDB::BuyerCategory; 1; 1) > 0. for the mens highlight field


maybe the field CustomersDB::BuyerCategory was retaining the values , but field is unstored and attached to a value List.

Tried using substitute as below but still I get both highlighted.

Position ("Mens"; Substitute ( CustomersDB::BuyerCategory ; "¶"; " " ); 1; 1) >0


I have not yet tried for the other check boxes, trying to get the first two to work.

Bonus points for anyone who can show how to do this without adding extra fields.