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Two dropdown menus - select separate date - same value list

Question asked by bridge101 on Mar 28, 2018
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I have one dropdown menu that triggers a script that show only the data with the same date - 'date" value list dropdown selection. I was wanting to have a second dropdown menu also the same "date" value list with the idea that if I need to see data also at the same time from another date, I can access it with the second dropdown menu. In creating the second script for the 2nd downdown, I thought I could add add "new record request" to bring up the second request (as in when one does it manually in the "find" and "find new"). I also like having these separate dropdowns, since it allows me to see which data from the two dates I am accessing. Since my scripting abilities are relying on finding tutorials on "how to" I am too much of a beginner to understand scripting now. Below is a modified script that I followed on an excellent tutorial.


Set Valiable [$myfield2; Value:Sourcetable::myfield]

Enter Find Mode [ ]

Set Field [Sourcetable;$myfield2]

New Record/Request

Set Variable [$myfield1;Value;Sourcetable::myfield]

Set Error Capture [on]

Perform Find[ ]


The 2nd set variable I added refers to the 1st dropdown menu - but it did not work. So as you can all see, I have made a mess of a tutorial I saw online.


Thank you in advance for any advice