Brother Label Printer Problem

Discussion created by smanus on Mar 28, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 30, 2018 by bigtom

I am having a problem printing to a Brother QL510 label printer that has appeared out of nowhere. I've written a small solution that permits our staff to print prepared food labels and draws data from our FM server database. The program has been running for weeks with basically no problem. Suddenly, the labels have stopped formatting correctly. Here's a photo of after and before:




The solution normally runs on an iPad running FM Go and connects to the Brother via AirPrint but I am getting the same formatting problem when I test it from my Mac (using the AirPrint driver). This problem did pop up once and awhile before but went away when were restarted the iPad. Now, it seems that no amount of rebooting works. Here's the script that generates the labels:




I have tried playing around with the label formatting and page size with no luck.


Does anyone have any idea of what's going on?