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How to play an audio file from a container, in webdirect?

Question asked by Extensitech on Mar 29, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 3, 2018 by Extensitech

I'm developing a webdirect solution that's basically a test for typing from dictation.


I need an audio file to play when the test begins, while the user types in a text field.


In FMG, I have full audio controls (the AVPlayer commands). In FMP, I can set the container field to autoplay. Neither of these work in webdirect, though.


Does anyone have a straightforward way to play an audio file from a container in webd? If not, does anyone have any ideas that maybe aren't so straightforward?


I did find where I can use a webviewer and pass in a url to an audio file. That may be how I have to go, but that brings up a whole other set of problems, since the audio files are the intellectual property that will make the site valuable to its users, so if I go that route I need to ensure that the user can't download the files themselves. Not insurmountable, but I'm hoping there's an easier way.


Chris Cain