Do we have a Filemaker community for beginners or intermediate users?

Discussion created by johannv on Mar 28, 2018
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If we don't, why not start one. If we do, I have been looking for years in the wrong place.

I think this site is great, but normally I see post from developers to developers. Not from people just beginning  using Filemaker. 


I remember seeing this site a few years ago, but after two minutes I panicked and run. My thoughts were this is just for Pros to talk to other Pros on the area. Not for me. So where do I go for help.

BTW, and safari books online are a great starting point.


My English is average, so what do people from other languages who do not have any level of English do if they have questions?


A few years ago I started a YouTube channel ( VIOVELT ) just to help. I didn't want others to take the path I had, where things were a bit hard.

I get asked things which I am not sure if I am doing right. But at least is a path to discover new ways to do things for others.

It would be great to see more people diving into Filemaker from other solutions and finding a helping hand.


I think it was Nick Lightbody, on a webinar, talking about getting guidelines clearer for people developing their solutions. I took it as lets do it right so others dont get confused. Dos and dont´s .  More like an index on steps to optimize solutions. Not just bits, I would like to see connecting bits y guidelines from Pros to beginners to intermediate.

Something like this but for kids more indepth info.


Building a High-Performance Mobile Custom App by Nick Lightbody - YouTube

This by the way open my mind to stuff I thought was to difficult form me. Thanks NL


Thinking about it, It would be better from other members of this community to post without being afraid to show what they know. We should start giving  the 8 + members here who always answer our questions a hand.  But to all of you who take time to help others here      Thank you!


As someone new to filemaker I would recommend you start with:

This is great from RCC Richard Carlton  ++++

FileMaker Training Videos for FileMaker Pro 16

Lynda: Online Courses, Classes, Training, Tutorials

Deskpace Performance  +++++

Filemaker Web seminars etc...

and of course John Mark Osborne