FileMaker Locks a Whole Table of Records

Discussion created by on Mar 28, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 5, 2018 by Ben

My client is using FM Server v16 and FM Pro v16 latest versions.  The problem we are having is that all the records in one of the tables are locked, and FM won't allow them to be deleted or touched, showing the warning that the record is 'busy' by another user or in another window.  It's not just one record, it's ALL the records in the table!  This table is used for reporting, so the data in the table is cleared and re-imported from several other tables each time they run the report.  But we have not been able to run the report for 7 days because of this problem. 


I checked the user connections in the Server console, and all user connections are started today, so there are no users that have been continuously connected for 7 days. 


How can I unlock or delete the records?  I was thinking of closing the file on the Server and/or restarting the Server machine.  Has anyone else seen this behavior? It feels like a FileMaker bug.


~Linda Carter, Compu-Books