Filemaker Coding Standards for Beginners

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Filemaker Best Practice  Coding Standards.


From what I can gather from others in Forums here; one of them being:


I know there is a ton of info out there, but is it possible to agree from a beginners point of view, of a coding standard that can grow into a Intermediate to advanced user.  Some sort of  best practice for beginners, so when we understand more about TO table occurrences on graph, field name sorting, IDs, scripting etc. We don't get lost. I mean there are things I just found out I wish someone had told me before.

P.S I don't have many Filemaker buddies to talk to. So is just test and error kind of what works for me.

A- Table naming

B- Table occurence naming.   Color coding on external and WAN TOs. Apart from that I begin with parent name.

C- Field naming     camel case and now I started using max 6 letters.

D- Layout naming  loads of folders. I understand, but others wont easily

E- Script naming   use numbers and folder range 0001-0049 customers

F- Styles  begin with size number followed by to letter AL Arial light something like  12 AL center Blue.



1: Beginners: 

Always use conventions and be consistent. Once we have some experience we can do what works for us.

A plus would be if that also works for everyone, so they understand your convention.


So one would be to have your table name your primary key name + ID. As in (customersID) my primary key. No underscores (customer_ID_PK).  (custID) bad?

camelCase as a way to go in naming conventions?


I started abbreviating when a run into merge fields that didn't fit the space I needed as they were too big. ( fName) max 6 letters.


2: Intermediate

Field naming


There is a Filemaker Development Conventions Paper


3: Advanced

You make your rules accordingly.

I am not saying any of this is correct, only that it can turn a bit confusing after a while.