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Portal filter with multiple criteria and dynamic lists

Question asked by ThierryGuemboura on Mar 28, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 29, 2018 by ThierryGuemboura

I have designed a Claims Management System and currently filter multiple portals (different relationships) with the same method:

  1. Filter F1 for the Insurance Carrier
  2. Filter F2 for Adjuster assigned
  3. Filter F3 for the Examiner in charge of reviewing the Adjuster report.

Each filter is setup with a drop-down list populated with the values of their respective target field for the given relationship. On top of it, I have a button to reset the filter by storing "ALL".

Everything works very well once the proper equation is written in the Portal Filter setup box, that looks like (abbreviated):

     Case (

          F1 = "ALL" and F2 = "ALL" and F3 = "ALL"; 1;

          F1 = x and F2 = "ALL" and F3 = "ALL"; 1;

          F1 = "ALL"  and F2 = y and F3 = "ALL"; 1;

          F1 = "ALL" and F2 = "ALL" and F3 = z; 1;

          F1 = x and F2 = y and F3 = "ALL"; 1;

          F1 = x and F2 = "ALL" and F3 = z; 1;

          F1 =1 "ALL"  and F2 = y and F3 = z; 1;

          F1 = x and F2 = y and F3 = z; 1;


Every time a filter is modified, a trigger refreshes the portal.

My question: How can I change dynamically the value list of each filter depending on the result of the filtered portal. You understand then that my value lists are static and display values when no filter applied. These lists are generated by matching the Claim Table (DATA) Insurance Carrier ID with the ID in the Insurance Carrier table and so on and so forth.


Thank you in advance.