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Are there any solutions for synchronizing two identical databases at different Filemaker Cloud instances?

Question asked by andrewpokora on Mar 29, 2018
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I have a strange question. I have an FMC instance in AWS-Frankfurt. It has deployed a database for users from Western Europe. By the way, they are very happy. However, there was a need to connect a certain number of new users from the Pacific region. If they connect to an existing instance in Frankfurt - there are problems with access time and speed of work, because in this case, users and servers are located on different ends of the globe. In addition, because of the large time difference, this requires around-the-clock work of the instance. This negatively affects the budget. I would like to try to deploy a second instance, identical to the first one, on a AWS-sites in Sydney or Tokyo, and synchronize them with each other. Are there solutions to sync two similar database at different instances of Filemaker Cloud? What, in your opinion, will be the best? I've read about MirrorSync being able to work with FM CLoud, but I'm not sure it's going to be the best. Can you dispel my doubts?

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