Avoiding the Web Direct Launch window

Discussion created by hankshrier on Mar 28, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 16, 2018 by dtcgnet

I have an app using Web Direct.  It is designed for a user to do a single transaction and then leave COMPLETLY.  I don't want the user to end up at the Web direct launch window.  The closing script redirects them to another web site and then closes the file.  The user ends up on the proper site.  HOWEVER, the script, which quits FileMaker, opens another browser or another window with the Web Direct Launch window.  To me this is an inelegant solution. The desired result is to keep anything from FileMaker from showing at all. 


Quitting the application should not put the user anywhere near anything FileMaker.  Please don't tell me, "That how it works."  I know that.  I'm look for a way to dismiss FileMaker and WebDirect completely.


I tried using the command DIE DIE DIE.  What I got was Freddie Kruger saying "I'm BAACK". :-)


The last comment is a joke. Be gentle and laugh please.