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Designing Database Schema and Field Interface to Enter Customized Test Batteries on a Single Form

Question asked by on Mar 29, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 31, 2018 by philmodjunk

Back in 1992, I created a fitness testing database in FileMaker 2. It basically consisted of a client database and fitness testing database. The problem is that in effort to customize a testing battery, I included all possible tests in the single database but test administrators ended up only enter data into the fields associated with particular tests that were appropriate for the client. Sometimes they only needed to test for body fat and other times blood pressure. I addressed part of the problem of placing test that are commonly performed together on particular forms. I also displayed the list view these same test sets for the printed a report comparing progress over time. This way the printed page would not be filled with as many blank columns. I understood that there was a way to slide columns to the left so blank rows would not appear but at the time II could not find a solution to also slide the associate column header over their respective column, so that I did not see that as a viable solution.


Around 2005 I was introduced to a commercial fitness testing software that has been since discontinued (see View-Specific-Test.png attached). I understood it was built with MS Access. It had the ability to create up to 10 Fitness Batteries from 120 Tests (see Selecting-Tests-for-Battery.png attached). Once the battery had been customized with the desired tests, you could simply enter the test values on a single form, one test after another (see Enter-test-data.png attached). This software may have also had the ability to substitute tests for other tests on the fly. For example, if the participant could not perform pull-ups a test administrator would be able to trade it out for the bar hang test.


After all these years, I would like to build another fitness testing software package in FileMaker Pro. But this time I would like to replicate the ability to create Fitness Batteries from many tests, select the battery for each client, and if possible, fill the fields of each of the tests within the battery on a single form and swap tests on the fly (as effortless as possible).


I’ll be organizing and classifying test by fitness component (agility, speed, power, strength, muscular endurance, cardio endurance, flexibility, body composition, etc). However we should not be bond by having to select a test from each component. Likewise, we should be able to select more than one test from a single component and skip other components if we wish. We should also be able to select a single test either in lieu of an entire battery or as the only test in a battery. It would be nice to be able to add or substitute a test previously included in a saved test battery on the fly and have the option to save the new modified battery.


Perhaps the biggest obstacle in presenting different tests of the battery on a single page is that different tests require different fields. Some tests require a single input field whereas other test require multiple input fields. Each test will require different calculation fields, preferably displayed on the fly as data is entered,


In FileMaker Pro, I do not see how having the all tests fields assigned to a particular battery could appear on a single form. If it is possible, how is this achieved? If this is not possible what are other solutions that will make the data entry process simple and intuitive?


The problem with not having the all the fields appear on a single form is that it would require multiple steps or visits to multiple forms to enter all the test values. I could envision having to select the test battery, but being required to click on a script button to every listed test, not the idea scenario compared to having the form appear with all the test fields altogether, as seen on attached screen shot ‘Enter-test-data.png’.


I’m not sure of the best way to be able to switch out tests without modifying stored battery the moment we realize we need to swap out tests.


I am more confident I will be able to have options to display a) all testing dates a client has been tested, b) all test results from a particular test date, or c) the all the client's test results through time for a particular test. So different tests could be displayed in a few columns, possibly across the width of a mobile screen, we could only display the name of the test, fitness component tested, score, and rating. Clicking on a button next to the test results could take the user to the raw test values. Would there be any issues with the logistics of this plan?


I wondered if a Selector Connector schema would offer any solution to this problem.




My most important objective is to offer an intuitive, easy to use fitness testing software, with the ability to created batteries of tests while still being able to customize batteries on the fly with minimum fuss. Any suggestions on how to achieve this would be appreciated.