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Filtering related table

Question asked by jjfcpa on Mar 29, 2018
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I have two tables:



Rounds of Golf


The "Rounds of Golf" table is the child table for the Golfers table and has a foreign key (the Golfers ID) linking it to the golfers record.


The Rounds of Golf table has some calculation fields that summarizes the round.  Such as, "holes played", "putts per round" and "putts per hole".


The Golfers table also has some calculation fields that show (for example) "holes played all rounds", "putts all rounds", and "average putts per hole".


What I now want to do is be able to filter the Rounds of Golf so that the calculations in the Golfers table are only based on the rounds played:


Current Year

Prior Year

Current Month

Prior Month


I have created a field in the Golfers table where the "filter selection" is saved, but now I'm wondering how I actually filter the "rounds of golf" table to only include those rounds?