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Prevent user from entering a previous date then the last date

Question asked by cristian.stanimir on Mar 30, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 2, 2018 by steve.thoms


I am building a solution for my company and I have a portal displaying a table called Actions with the following fields

1.Last Action

2.Date Last Action

3.Next Step

4.Date Next Step


Date fields are set to Drop-Down Calendar in the portal.

In the portal::

Is there a way to prevent a user from entering a date in the Date Last Action field that is in the past of the first entry

ex: Date Last Action = 3 March 2018  if a user enters in a new record of the same field Last Action Date = 2 March 2018 then a error message.  but only for a related record in the main table (Data Input)

Tables are : Data Input (PKClientID) with a one to many relationship to Actions (FKClientID)  


IF (Data_Input::PKClientID = Actions::FKClientID and Date_last_Action <= ( Get Record/Request : First ) ; Date_Last_Action allow input ; "error message" )


I've checked the forum found some ideas on how to do data validation but nothing that relates to my situation

Thank you for any ideas on this