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Filemaker overwriting/deleting data

Question asked by jaywalker7 on Mar 29, 2018
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Hey all!


Most of the "chain" data in my database got deleted and I'm not sure how. See the picture below for reference. All of the data for tensioners, sprockets, etc. is still there, but the chain data is gone for about 80% of the database. These tabs are in a portal, and I know that can cause problems, but this system has been working fairly well for a couple months without a major problem like this.

When I asked a fellow employee about anything he may have seen when inputting data, he responded with a couple things that had happened to him before:


The fields for chain CD and runout reverted my data to old data that required re-inputting the data.

Also the fields for EDO number and chain type reverted.


I swear that I have seen data revert back to older versions in my work too, but it has never been a major enough change for me to be sure. Could Filemaker be overwriting the data? Is that a thing?


Conveniently because the data is all gone, I can post this:examole.PNGThe one remaining thing is the "Rating" - but that value is stored in another table. Even the externally stored container fields for pictures are gone.



And everything is backed up, but I just want to get this thing working perfectly