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Help with Itemized Inventory

Question asked by lburd on Mar 30, 2018
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I work for a theatre and we have an outdated inventory system that was created using Filemaker. I have picked up the task of learning Filemaker and attempting to create a functional database for us to update our inventory.  I have watched many hours of tutorials, but I am having trouble finding an equivalent example to my inventory. I am currently working within Filemaker's Inventory Starter Solution because of the functionality of printing buttons and some of the features that were already programmed in. I think the biggest hurdle is I'm trying to create buttons and functionality within the program, so I don't have to teach my co-workers how to use Filemaker. I'd like the layouts and navigation to not include toolbars and filemaker functions. Which may mean more work for me at the beginning, but is my preference to protect the functionality of the inventory.


What it's used for:Tracking individual items by inventory number/serial number. Each speaker/microphone/etc has it's own record in the system. I have multiples of many of the speakers/microphones in stock with their own record. I would ultimately like to be able to track location, and maintenance of each item through their records. This has all seemed to connect nicely. I've run into a couple of things I haven't been able to achieve, but I feel like Filemaker has the ability.


1. I would like to be able to create a layout, maybe a report, that will tell me the quantity of each type of speaker/microphone/etc in each location.

Ex. I have 3 JF-80's, 6 Black 12's, and 5 SM58's in the Sound Office. 6 JF-60's, 1 JF-200, and 3 Shure SM57's in the Theater.
--What I have been able to do is get a count of how many JF-60's, or JF-80's etc in the entire database, but I can't get the layout to delineate by location. Or I can get the layout to delineate by location, but it repeats types of speakers for every record that contains that type.


2. I have a maintenance table that I would like to use to track the maintenance done to each item. I would like for the most recent condition from the maintenance table to populate on the items details layout. In the past I've been able to connect the two tables, but the item only holds on to the first 'condition' that was entered. It won't update with a new maintenance record. (This is low priority, but would be a handy feature to have)


3. This is not specifically related to my type of inventory, but I can't seem to find the search language for how to do this part. I would like to have my users be able to select a category from a drop down list, and hit a search button, and have Filemaker find all the items under that category. In the starter solution you can sort of do this, but it creates or edits a record whenever you input a category into the list.


Any help on any of these issues would be greatly appreciated.