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Parse JSON with URL strukture (Please Help)

Question asked by firebase on Mar 29, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 31, 2018 by firebase

I am totally pulling my hairs out of my head.


I need a function that is giving me back two values of a OnlineShop Menu strukture plus the path



ID = 1

Name = Main

  ID = 2

  Name = SubCat[1}

    ID = 3

    Name = SubSubCat[1}


Name Cat[2]




Something like that.


Now we need to go into each Categorie and pick out NAme and ID and go further down into the nex untill we get no result for ID and Name.

if so we co up one level and look if there are nay SubCats with a higher Number SubCat like [2] and the wo go in that and look into it if there are any sub categories.


Als I need that path like URL path






So far so good, problem is I am not getitng out a code that works, I am good in Problem finding but as soon it get to hirarchical my IQ level tends to zero.


If needed i can paste my findingd so far. But i actualy wonder if ther eis a ready function since iI am probaly not the first human on earth